Photos from the 2012 NACIVT

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If anyone has any photos from the tournament, feel free to leave a comment on this post with a link to your album. You can also send photos to: Thanks!

2012 NACIVT Men’s Final Rankings

1 Toronto Connex A
2 San Francisco Paai Kau Smash
3-4 Toronto Ngun Lam Red
Washington MVP Six Pack A
5-8 Boston Knights A
Los Angeles CCBA Mad Dogz
Los Angeles Mad Dogz
San Francisco Westcoast
9-16 Boston Knights B
Montreal Freemasons
New Jersey Ronin
New York CSA of Brooklyn NY
Toronto Connex Alumni
Toronto Connex B
Toronto Phoenix A
Washington CYC A
17-20 Boston Hurricanes
San Francisco Rage
Toronto Flying Tigers A
Toronto TOFU Bruise

*teams are sorted alphabetically

2012 NACIVT Champions: Toronto Connex A!

Congratulations to the Men’s and Women’s Toronto Connex A teams for winning the 68th NACIVT in Toronto! This year’s finalists are: San Francisco Paai Kau Smash (Men’s) and Los Angeles iVBALL (Women’s).

Thank you to EVERYONE for making this tournament a huge success! It would not have been possible without the help from all of the volunteers, all of the teams that participated, the NACIVT committee, and the support from each and every tournament sponsor.

Next year’s NACIVT will be in Washington, DC.

If anyone has any photos from the tournament, feel free to leave a comment on this post with a link to your album. You can also send photos to: I will try to compile everyone’s photos/albums in one handy location on the website.

Thanks again!

Message to Men’s Captains

Boston Knights C & Philly CIA Red (working team: Tigers C)
You are now scheduled to play a sudden death one-set game @ 7am on Monday on court M5.
Winner will go to Silver Playoffs and loser will go to Bronze Playoffs.

Boston Hurricanes Juniors
You have advanced to the next round by default so your first match of the day is @ 8am on court M5

Men’s Sunday Schedule

7am Matches:

  • WAS Jin Long vs. BOS Knights E reffed by NY Strangers Lo Chai on court 5
  • TO Ngun Lam Juniors vs. MON Hung Ying reffed by Philly CIA Red on court 6
  • TO Warriors Red vs. TO Warriors Black reffed by Philly CIA on court 7
  • MON Hung Ying Alumni vs. WAS CYC Silver reffed by BOS Freemasons on court 8
  • TO Sabres vs. WAS CYC Black reffed by MON Phoenix on court 9
  • BOS Hurricanes Juniors vs. TO Outtahand reffed by NY Strangers A on court 10

For Sunday’s Men’s Schedule, please refer to This is the same PDF as posted on Saturday, September 1st titled UPDATED: Men’s Schedule.

Attached is a listing of all 52 teams in their respective pools.

Don’t forget to use #NACIVT2012 on Twitter! Thanks!

To: All Women’s Captains

Please report to the command centre on Sunday at 7:45am SHARP. If you don’t show up, you will not receive your tournament banquet tickets.