Men’s Sunday Schedule

7am Matches:

  • WAS Jin Long vs. BOS Knights E reffed by NY Strangers Lo Chai on court 5
  • TO Ngun Lam Juniors vs. MON Hung Ying reffed by Philly CIA Red on court 6
  • TO Warriors Red vs. TO Warriors Black reffed by Philly CIA on court 7
  • MON Hung Ying Alumni vs. WAS CYC Silver reffed by BOS Freemasons on court 8
  • TO Sabres vs. WAS CYC Black reffed by MON Phoenix on court 9
  • BOS Hurricanes Juniors vs. TO Outtahand reffed by NY Strangers A on court 10

For Sunday’s Men’s Schedule, please refer to This is the same PDF as posted on Saturday, September 1st titled UPDATED: Men’s Schedule.

Attached is a listing of all 52 teams in their respective pools.

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